What we do

Bluespier is the leading independent supplier of Theatre Management Systems in the UK, with customers across the NHS and private healthcare sector.

We understand the pressures that you are under to deliver an outstanding service against tight budgets.  Our systems are clinically focused and designed to enable you to manage your resources efficiently.




How we do it

We work closely with our customers to deliver solutions that support cohesive and cost effective management of the patient through their hospital journey, with specific focus on operating theatres.

We provide clinicians with a practical and useful tool that engages them and provides valuable data to support the efficient running of operating theatres.

Bluespier systems are continuously evolving to ensure you are supported in facing the management challenges you have now and in the future.  Our trained customer support team is always available to help our customers with systems and process.

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Bluespier Collaborate With

System C Logo

Working together with leading EPR supplier System C has strengthened Bluespier’s offering as expert specialists, particularly in the world of hospital theatre management.

Amplitude Clinical

Bluespier’s closest alliance is with clinical outcomes expert, Amplitude. Amplitude combine simple software with effective processes that enable clinicians, hospitals and healthcare professionals to collect meaningful clinical outcome data.