Theatre Management


Theatre Management

Improve Utilisation

Bluespier Theatres

Bluespier Theatres delivers effective and integrated theatre management, resourcing and scheduling, creating the most efficient theatre departments. It allows Trusts to provide the best and safest patient care, gives operational insights to staff, improves theatre utilisation and enables theatre departments to be ran seamlessly. Crucially, Bluespier Theatres is available on PCs, tablets and mobiles to support truly agile and efficient clinical care.

Maximised theatre utilisation

It's never been more vital for operating theatres to perform at peak efficiency. Bluespier Theatres allows clinical teams to accurately schedule theatre time and enables patient tracking, powerful reporting and high quality coding.

Enhanced interoperability

Bluespier Theatres integrates comprehensively and seamlessly with EPRs and other systems to provide complete management of the theatre journey. This ensures that there is no duplication and the right information is in the right place, at the right time.

Theatre Management

Transforming capabilities

The Bluespier Theatres outcome

Use advanced scheduing features to ensure your theatres are performing at maximum efficiency, with little-to-no down time.

Bluespier Theatres is clinically-led; designed by clinicians, for clinicians. it's use is intuitive and it's functionality has theatre teams in mind, meaning they're engaged with the solution from first use.

Through the mobile app, teams can access theatre management on-the-go, completing WHO checklists patient bedside and accessing real-time data from anywhere.

The immediate efficiencies will provide substantial cost savings across the patient theatre journey, meaning theatres can be used effectively and down-time can be eliminated.

The benefits of Bluespier Theatres are clear to clinical users instantly. Users are motivated to engage with the solution from first use.

Get live reports on theatre utilisation and other key metrics at any time.

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