Pre Op



Simpler and safer pre-op

Bluespier Pre-Op

Improve patient safety, reduce cancellations and create simpler pre-op processes.

Simpler, more efficient pre-op assessments

Create a fully paperless pre-op journey that keeps clinical teams up-to-date at all stages and supports clinical decision making through guidance and clinical support screens.

Improved patient safety

Clinical teams have live visibility the patient status, ensuring that patients that are not fit for surgery, or those that require Anaesthetist review, are quickly identified and managed.

Pre Op

Transforming capabilites

The Bluespier Fit for Surgery outcome

Real-time assessments and patient status' are available to clinicians throughout the theatre pathway

Can provide seamless integration with your EPR solution.

Guidance and clinical support screens available throughout

For example, waterlow score

Patients are allocated a patient status to indicate whether they are fit for surgery

Patients can complete assessment on a tablet device

The solution is fully flexible and customisable

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