24 Nov 2020

North Bristol NHS Trust goes live with Bluespier theatre management software to improve digital care

Bluespier Theatres was successfully implemented on 9th November 2020 across 32 theatres at the Trust replacing Galaxy DXC. The new electronic approach ensures clinical assessments are captured within Bluespier such as the WHO Checklist and the entire theatre care plans. Accurate scheduling, real time patient tracking, and theatre list cash up ensure the Trust is better able to monitor utilisation.

A ‘virtual go-live’ involving the Trust’s Scheduling team took place two weeks prior.

Both implementations were a real success, particularly given increased operational pressure on the NHS caused by the current pandemic and start of a second national lockdown. The Bluespier training team were onsite during the week of go-live, supporting Theatres staff alongside the North Bristol NHS implementation team.

A representative from the North Bristol NHS Trust Programmes team said: “Whilst it’s still early days for our Theatres and Schedulers teams working with Bluespier, we’re very pleased that this two-part go-live has gone smoothly. Providing ‘on-the-ground’ support was critical to this success and we’d like to thank Bluespier for their help with this as well as throughout the programme.”

Stuart van Rooyen, Managing Director of Bluespier, said: “We are extremely proud to be software partners with North Bristol NHS Trust and enormously thankful of all Trust and Bluespier staff who worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth rollout during these challenging times. We look forward to additional module rollouts, within the next few months.”

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