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Bluespier Theatres

Bluespier Theatres delivers effective integrated theatre management on PCs, tablets and mobiles

It is the first theatre management system of its kind designed by clinicians for clinicians, helping to provide better quality care and safer surgical outcomes through effective data capture

Clinically Rich Theatre Management

For clinicians, Bluespier Theatres provides rich clinical content and functionality.

For theatre managers, Bluespier Theatres gives a full picture of the theatre pathway in real time with the ability to optimise and prioritise the use of theatre facilities and resources.

Financially, Trusts achieve Best Practice Tariff through targeted work flows and maximise revenue through accurate procedure coding and capture of co-morbidities.

From Scheduling to Data Returns

All theatre management functions are supported, including scheduling, utilisation and patient tracking, resource management, clinical documentation and coding with local and national data returns. This is combined with unrivalled clinical content and functionality, making this system ready to go from the outset, both clinically and administratively, with minimal configuration and set-up.

The Bluespier Theatres Outcome

  • Immediate user buy in
  • Rapid project implementation
  • Instant clinical value
  • Sizable cost savings
  • Powerful management data for continuous improvement


Due to its flexibility, clinical focus and technical capabilities, Bluespier is the exclusive Theatre Management partner for System C’s Medway EPR.

The integrated theatre management solution is available for users of Medway EPR, providing in-context launch, seamless movement between patients and access to Bluespier Theatres from Outpatients, Inpatients and the EPR’s patient homepage.

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  • The flexibility and configurability of Bluespier has meant we have easily been able to adapt the system to fit into working practices of all our theatre suites. Clinicians and theatre staff like the system and find it easy to use and as a result there is a high level of buy in. We are now able to capture data that was previously unavailable or prohibitively time consuming to capture. This data is now assisting us in improving theatre management and utilisation.

    Debbie Upson, Theatre Manager, Royal Berkshire Hospital

  • Bluespier has an excellent reporting facility and audit trail. It has helped to monitor and reduce late starts and early admissions. You can quickly see where a cancellation has happened and access spaces where patients can be fitted in. We can look at what is needed in theatres, and if for example, lamina flow is required we can move lists around. It is an excellent system.

    Alison Bent, Elective Access Coordinator, Harrogate NHS Trust

  • Our Bluespier software is the envy of other directorates. Keeping tabs on our emergency patients used to be nightmarish. We had confusing and competing paper-based lists all of which were perpetually out of sync and out of date with different lists being used for our patients all over the Trust. This is a thing of the past. From admission through x-rays, Trauma meetings and ward rounds, to theatre and beyond, all patient information is available in real time in a central location, easily accessible remotely by approved clinicians from any computer in the network.

    Danny Redfern, Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon, Royal Preston Major Trauma Centre

  • Bluespier helps us each day to ensure that our theatres are utilised to maximum capacity, our elective patients do not breach the 18 week rule and theatre staff are fully occupied. This means that we give the best value for money possible as our resources are used efficiently. Patients and their families can be kept easily informed and quality is continuously improving. For example, in anaesthetics, where we use the system to monitor patient outcomes. We don’t know how we would manage without it.

    Julie Fairweather, Theatre Information Manager, Harrogate NHS Trust

  • The Trust has seen a reduction in the number of cancellations on the day of surgery due to implants missing (only 6 in the last year). As far as patient care is concerned the system gives confidence and reduces the likelihood of procedures being cancelled due to stock issues. The access to data for usage figures, costing and inventory access is superior in all aspects to the previous system.

    Louise Barry, Utilisation and Resource Manager, Surgical Services Division, RJAH

  • The team at Bluespier was absolutely fantastic in terms of helping meet the very challenging deadline. It was very much all hands on deck to help reach the deployment project’s ambitious goal.

    Martin Tooth, Project & Business Change Manager of NHIS