25 Apr 2023

Looking to move to tablets within Theatres? What are the Challenges?

The NHS Digital Transformation Long-Term Plan lists giving “health and care staff the technology they need to help them complete administrative tasks more quickly, freeing up time to spend with patients” as one of their key objectives.

Flexible, mobile working within NHS Trusts has never been more important, both to help clinician efficiency and to align with NHS Digital Transformation objectives. Here at Bluespier we recognise and support these objectives whilst understanding how complicated mobile working might seem to implement within a Trust environment.

We know that NHS staff require these improvements in technology to help bridge the gap between true electronic data capture and efficient patient care. But the answer is more complicated than just implementing new software – Trusts need support to unblock obstacles like poor Wi-Fi signals in Theatres, a lack of investment in technology infrastructure and staff having no access to mobile devices.

There isn’t a fast solution or ‘silver bullet’ to solving these issues – we work with Trusts every day who are just starting their journey to becoming more mobile. There are cultural considerations, like engaging key staff, and investment challenges that require detailed business plans. But the long-term benefits of removing blockers and investing in technology are well worth it. Trusts that go paperless can recognise huge savings.

It’s thanks to our years of experience of supplying Trusts and working with them to resolve these issues that we developed Bluespier Mobile. It enables your Trust to utilise real-time data in a way that can further transform theatre processes and improve patient care. By equipping key theatre team members with Bluespier Mobile-enabled iPads, they can complete WHO checklists at the patient bedside, update scheduling information and view patient tracking details in real-time.

We can work with your Trust to overcome obstacles and help recognise cost-related benefits realisation of mobile working. If you already have Bluespier Theatres at your Trust, adding Bluespier Mobile is the next step in efficiency, patient care improvements and digital transformation.

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